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The Journey

Never Stop Searching

Working in the world of spirits for over 20 years, founder Simon Ford realized that the ultimate cocktail gin did not exist. He set out to change this with the leaders of the craft cocktail movement – a small band of bartenders, distillers and professional drinkers. After various versions of a recipe, it was on attempt #83 that they cracked the code for Fords Gin. Today, the same blend of nine botanicals is heralded as The Cocktail Gin.

Chart of Drink and Botanical Associations

Map Your Path

Fords Gin was born on the back of a cocktail napkin—an inspired plan to create a spirit that works with all of the classic gin cocktails.
Fords Gin bottle and drinks with lime garnish

Deconstruct the Greats

Fords Gin’s flavour profile was reverse-engineered by mapping the key ingredients of classic cocktails and matching them to botanicals, resulting in a perfectly balanced blend of 9 botanicals from around the globe.
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Design for Mixing

Fords Gin is a versatile, modern take on the classic London Dry style of gin ideal for just about any gin cocktail. Distilled at Thames Distillers, Fords Gin is a collaboration between 11th generation Master Distiller Charles Maxwell and Simon Ford. The mix of nine botanicals starts with a traditional backbone of Juniper and Coriander seed and is balanced by citrus (bitter orange, lemon & grapefruit peel), florals (jasmine flower & orris), and spices (angelica & cassia). At 90 proof Fords Gin holds a lot of flavour, making it your cocktail’s favourite gin!
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The Jack of All Trades Gin

Gin is meant for mixing, be it a Martini, Negroni, or a Bees Knees. It is no surprise then that our idea of the finished product wasn’t the spirit in the bottle alone, but also its application. This nine-botanical blend is expertly crafted for cocktails and recognized by professional and at-home bartenders for its outstanding mixability.

Simon Ford

A legend both behind the bar and in the world of spirits, Simon has created, mixed and mastered countless cocktails. Discovering no gin versatile enough to fit every classic drink, he gathered top bartenders and distillers and conjured up what is now THE cocktail gin of the century.

Close up portrait of Simon Ford
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Charles Maxwell

An industry legend in his own right, Charles is an 11th generation distiller whose family started making gin in London in the 17th Century. The accrued knowledge of his first-hand experience, along with his unique family lineage, has given Charles the unwavering ability to consistently produce award-winning gins.

Close up portrait of Charles Maxwell

Passion steers process

Step 1


The nine botanicals that make up Fords Gin are steeped in stills for 15 hours to soften them and bring out more flavour before distillation. The botanicals release most of their oils during this process, giving Fords Gin weight and viscosity, one of its defining characteristics.

Step 2


Fords Gin is distilled for five hours in copper stills crafted by the legendary John Dore still-making company for the Thames Distillery. Appropriately named Tom Thumb and Thumbelina, these 500-liter stills produce a 200-liter batch of Fords Gin each run.

Step 3


After the distillation process, Fords Gin is shipped in bulk to Newbridge, Scotland, where the gin is cut with pure spring water, giving it its final layer of quality before bottling at 45% ABV.

London Dry

Cut through the fog with the style of gin most known for quality. Fords Gin is London born, London proud.

Pure Botanicals

Ingredients in Fords Gin are sourced through Joseph Flach & Sons Ltd. —importing a world of botanicals since 1882.

Thames Distillery

Fords Gin is distilled by the family that’s made London dry gins with exotic botanicals for more than three centuries.

Steeped in Exploration

Fords Gin makes it easy to discover cocktails that have turned gin into a universally known spirit.

Journeys in Gin

Inspired by travel, Fords Gin is shaped by the detours that lead to more innovative answers.

Toast Well, Anywhere

Fords Gin encourages you to be a bartender wherever you roam. Raise a glass to living boldly.


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