Tuesday, December 26, 2017 - 4:59pm

One thing we like to do is pre-make our martinis, and store a bottle or two in the fridge.
This makes for a great party preparation, or if you want a quick solution for yourself that you can store awhile!


1 bottle Fords Gin (750mL)

1 bottle dry vermouth (750mL)
Orange bitters

Pour Fords Gin into a clean, separate container (such as a large pitcher). Add desired dry vermouth. We prefer a 3:1 ratio.. with this ratio, you would add 8.5oz Vermouth.
Add water. For a full 750ml bottle, 20% dilution (5oz) will be great. (make sure to use purified water). Add about 10-15 dashes orange bitters.
Pour pre mixed martini back into Fords bottle. There will be a bit extra. This you can store in a separate bottle (keep your previous Fords Gin bottles!) Kept in the refrigerator, this should be cold in a few hours. Enjoy!