The Cocktail Gin

"I wanted to take elements from all of my favorite gins and put them into one, well-rounded gin."

Simon Ford

To create a truly versatile gin, we considered all the classic gin cocktails and broke them down by their flavour profiles. We then paired these flavors with the many popular botanicals found in gin to ultimately determine the most versatile mix of botanicals possible.

“If you take juniper as an ingredient and look at it in a pairing guide, lemon goes with juniper, right? Olive goes with juniper. It’s not a coincidence that this is the garnish on a martini,” - Simon Ford.

Flavour Map

Spirit & Spice

The nine botanicals found in Fords Gin are sourced from Joseph Flach & Sons Ltd. who have been importing medicinal and culinary botanicals from around the world for London gin houses & tea companies since the days of the British Empire.

Each ingredient decidedly blends together to create a versatile base for any gin-inspired cocktail.

Making Fords Gin


The nine botanicals that make up Fords Gin are steeped in stills for 15 hours to soften them and bring out more flavour before distillation. Because of this 15-hour process, the botanicals release most of their oils, giving Fords Gin weight & viscosity, and most importantly, one of its defining characteristics.


Fords Gin is distilled for five hours in stills crafted by the legendary John Dore still-making company for the Thames Distillery. Appropriately named Tom Thumb and Thumbelina, these 500-liter stills each produce a 200-liter batch of Fords Gin.


After the distillation process, Fords Gin is shipped in bulk to Mendocino County, California, where the gin is cut with local well water, giving it its final layer of quality before bottling at 90 proof.

The Cocktail Gin

At 90 proof Fords Gin holds a lot of flavour

When tasting, we recommend a splash of water to release the flavours. You'll notice the high oil content just by looking in the glass. The coriander, citrus and florals really come to life. It's also a good way to see how Fords Gin will show in a cocktail."

- Simon Ford

The Master Distiller

Charles Maxwell is at the helm of Thames Distillers with over 40 years experience in gin distillation.

An industry legend in his own right, Charles is an 8th generation distiller whose family started making gin in London in the 17th Century. The accrued knowledge of his first-hand experience, along with his unique family lineage, has given Charles the unwavering ability to consistently produce truly fine award-winning gins.

Award-Winning Fords Gin

  • 5 Stars

    Paul Pacult's Spirits Journal

  • 96 Points

    Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2013

  • Gold Medal

    S.F. World Spirits Competition 2014

  • Chairmans Trophy

    Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2013

  • Best Martini Gin

    Serious Eats

  • Best New Spirit

    Spirited Awards 2013

  • 5 Stars

    Class Magazine

  • Best In Class

    Professor Cocktail's Gin & Tonic Taste Test