Mar 15 2017
Oysters and Martinis - Just a few of our favorite things #gin #oysterandmartini #ginstagram #martini #ginmartini #cocktail #drymartini #gincocktails #ginstagram #oysters #olive #twist #cocktailglass #fordsgin #thecocktailgin #gintime
Mar 14 2017
Fords gin sitting in our warehouse in Ukiah, California #londondrygin #gintime #gin #ginstagram #londondry #ginbottle #madeformixing #fordsgin #thecocktailgin #the86co #ginlabel
Mar 13 2017
'When mixed, the floral notes in Fords really come out and the citrus and coriander pop. It's a gin that works really well with both lemon and lime citrus flavors in cocktails.' -Simon Ford Fords Gin Bramble: 1.5oz Fords Gin .75oz Fresh Lemon .25oz Simple Syrup .25oz Creme de Mure #...
Mar 10 2017
Making Fords Gin Nine botanicals are steeped in the stills for 15 hours to soften them and bring out more flavour before distillation. The cooking/distillation time for Fords Gin is five hours. #fordsgin #thecocktailgin #gindistillation #ninebotanicals #agreatcocktailanywhere #ginbotanicals #...
Playboy: The Golden Age of the Martini
Feb 27 2017
THE BEST BOTTLES TO BUY FOR YOUR HOME BAR With more commercial and artisanal brands on the market, which should you reach for when mixing martinis at home? It depends on your taste and budget. If it’s gin you’re after, Nick Detrich, owner of Cane & Table in New Orleans, recommends the combo of...
Asia’s Cocktail Scene Just Blew Simon Ford’s Mind
Feb 27 2017
Cocktail crafter, writer and historian Simon Ford just returned from a trip to Asia, and cocktails for him will never be the same. Ford, whose “Drink Ford Tough” column appeared for several years on Food Republic, is also cofounder of the 86 Co., the respected brand of spirits made for bartenders...
Star2.com: These spirits were made by bartenders for bartenders
Feb 18 2017
When it comes to bartending, drinks, spirits and cocktails, Simon Ford is arguably one of the most well-known names in the industry, having been involved with some of the best bars in the world, and even named best brand ambassador at the 2007 Tales of the Cocktail awards. Lately, Ford has also...
Feb 09 2017
How is your pre-batch game looking? @rtkennedy1223 is looking pretty strong. Our bottles have an etched scale with fluid ounces and liter measurements on the side, for easier batching. #the86co #bybartendersforbartenders #prebatch #ergodynamic #madeformixing #batchcocktails
Feb 02 2017
#repost from @bigbaralcove on February's cocktail of the month! Our very own @joebrooksfromconnecticut getting his love on, with the Strawberry Feels. Cana Brava Rum, Green Chartreuse, Strawberry, Lime, and Forever. ❤️ Thanks to big bar @carisunnie and @eugeneshoots! #the86co #...
Holiday Cocktails to Warm Up a Winter’s Night
Dec 05 2016
It’s the holiday season, and the folks at The 86 Co. have shared two recipes for updated versions of classic cocktails. The WeWork Hollywood member isn’t thinking about cocktails for two—these are large-scale recipes that are great for office or at-home holiday parties. If you want to know more...
Behind The Label: Fords Gin
Dec 04 2016
We Spoke To Fords Gin Creator Simon Ford About How The Award-Winning Gin Was Created, His Favourite Other Gin, And More. Though barely four years old, Fords Gin has been garnering a lot of attention since it launched in Sept 2012. Distilled in London at Thames Distillers, the gin is the result of a...
The 86 Co – Bottle Design
Nov 23 2016
There’s premium, and then there’s whatever Rochelt does. Based in the Austrian state of Tyrol, an Alpine region that resembles the default wallpapers pre-installed on your phone, the family-owned schnapsbrennerei is particular to an unmistakable degree. Founded by the late master distiller Gunter...
Nov 10 2016
You know who knows best which bottles to buy? The people who pour and sell drinks—that’s who. We asked dozens of top bartending and spirits industry professionals to tell us which bottles they love and why. Heads up: The numerical order below is not organized by importance or quality; it’s a list,...
Daily Beast: Three Drinks In: Los Angeles, California
Aug 06 2016
We got one of L.A.’s top spirits experts to reveal his three favorite drinks to order in his hometown. It’s hard to find a craft bartender in America who doesn’t know Simon Ford. For more than 10 years, he worked as a brand ambassador for drinks giant Pernod Ricard, traveling the country to spread...
The Best Cocktails Poured to Celebrate the World’s Best Restaurants
Jul 29 2016
If you had to pick the 50 best restaurants in your town, could you? Imagine having to put a list together of the 50 best restaurants in the world. Where you may have trouble with the ranking, a group of 1,000 global gourmands submit their entries, usually picking high-priced tasting menu spots with...
Jun 26 2016
Fords Gin is a collaborative endeavour between those with a history of serving drinks and those with a history of making drinks. The gin is a flavoursome affair whose sippable nature belies its 45% ABV. Professional bartenders are quite often the Peter Pan’s of their urban dwellings. They’re...
The 86 Company Brings on NYC Bartender Tim Cooper as its East Coast Portfolio Specialist
Apr 01 2015
The Bartender Inspired Spirits Portfolio Brings on Another Award Winning Bartender to its Growing Team New York, NY April 1, 2015 — The 86 Company (“The 86 Co.”) is thrilled to announce Tim Cooper as the newest addition to its growing team of talented bar professionals. A 17-year bartending veteran...
Eater: Mixology Master Jason Kosmas Talks Spirits, Cocktails and Houston's Newest Bar Sanctuari
Nov 14 2014
A one-on-one interview with the mastermind behind one of Manhattan's premier bars and the preferred spirits of bartenders. Industry insiders and cocktail fanatics will be familiar with The 86 Co. and its founders Simon Ford, Jason Kosmas, and Dushan Zaric - three bartenders on a mission to improve...
Simon Ford
Mar 27 2014
When it comes to cocktails, our own Simon Ford is the guy to know. After earning a Wine and Spirits Education Certificate in the UK, Simon opened Koba in Brighthon, quickly receiving accolades for Best New Bar, Top 10 Cocktail Bars in the UK and Great Cocktail Bars of the World. Simon went on to...
The 86 Co Logo
Jan 22 2013
NEW YORK, Jan. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Paying homage to the profession that they have toiled in for years, industry veterans Simon Ford, Jason Kosmas and Dushan Zaric today announced the formation of The 86 Co. with a portfolio of spirits intended to meet the needs of bartenders who are elevating...