Feb 12 2018
Beautiful cocktail and snap from @betterdays305 in Miami. We ❤️ us some gin cocktails. Fords Gin LeJay Blackcurrant Citrus _________ #fordsgin #thecocktailgin #londondrygin #ninebotanicals #gincocktails #botanicalsfromeverywhere #the86co #bybartendersforbartenders #madeformixing
Feb 09 2018
Our botanical recipe was crafted to be suitable for use in classic gin cocktails. #fordsgin is distilled in London at Thames Distillery and made for Cocktails #thecocktailgin #craftedforcocktails #londondrygin #ginforcocktails #classiccocktails #ginstagram #gin #ginlabeldesign #the86co
Feb 08 2018
We have some Navy strength Fords Gin that’s been aging in Amontillado Sherry casks since last year. It will be ready to bottle very soon!!! Stay tuned
Feb 07 2018
A little Fords G&T on tap (or GTT) at @intermezzocoffee #fordsgin #thecocktailgin #draughtcocktails #ginandtonic #londondrygin #the86co #bybartendersforbartenders #madeformixing #ninebotanicals
Feb 06 2018
Check out the this cocktail made by @eldeee with Fords Gin. Beautiful. _________ Heroine: Fords Gin Creme de Violette Lactic Acid Orange Flower Water Peychaud’s Bitters _________
Feb 05 2018
A Fords Gin Martini with a lemon twist. How do you prefer your Fords martini?
Feb 01 2018
A simple and easy cocktail that is light and refreshing, for any occasion. The gin and tonic. Fords already contains bright citrus botanicals such as lemon, orange and grapefruit peel that pair famously with a classic G&T. : @ecproof
Jan 31 2018
Check out this awesome video, a repost from @licensed_to_distill cocktails. @brett_chovan_hahn laying it down at the @whitehorselounge!! _________ The Silver Dollar: 
Fords Gin 
Luxardo Maraschino 
Grapefruit Lemon Lime 
Shaken and served in a coupe with a Silver Dollar cucumber...
Jan 30 2018
In case you haven’t heard, we’ve partnered with @speed_rack and @delmagueymezcal to form #thesisterhoodproject. The Sisterhood Project is about raising awareness and bringing about issues that are important to women in the hospitality and service industry. Check out this beautiful post card made by...
Jan 29 2018
The Fords Gin team recently visited Thames Distillery in London, to taste the new batch of Fords being made. After the nine botanicals were steeped for 15 hours, we tested the gin coming direct from the still, and it was absolutely delicious.
Jan 26 2018
Thank you @roccothepug for taking an interest in Fords Gin. Your smile says it all! #fordsgin #thecocktailgin #londondrygin #ginmartini #ninebotanicals #the86co #bybartendersforbartenders #madeformixing #roccothepug
Jan 23 2018
Charles Maxwell of Thames Distillers talking everything gin with the 86 team today in London. Charles is an 8th generation distiller, and undeniably one of the most experienced ginsmiths out there. We are proud that Fords Gin is made at Thames.
Jan 19 2018
Simon and the team at Thames Distillers adding the nine botanical mix for Fords Gin into the Tom Thumb still. There are two still used to make Fords at the Distillery. Tom Thumb, and Thumbelina. Both are stainless steel, 500 litre stills. Here, the botanicals are added to the still, along with a...
Jan 18 2018
For a 50:50 Martini: Stir equal parts Fords Gin and Dry Vermouth over plenty of ice (until very cold, or your hand gets tired) Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a twist of lemon.
Jan 17 2018
Check out this beautiful cocktail made by @blaisefaber Red Pine: Fords Gin House Pine Cone Liqueur Lemon This is naturally colored red from the cone extract, and has a honeyed texture from fir sap. WOW!!
Jan 16 2018
Fords botanicals being mixed before distillation. Our nine botanical mix is steeped for 15 hours before distillation. This process helps to soften them and bring out their flavour. The botanical mix starts with a traditional base of juniper & coriander seed and is balanced by citrus (bitter...
Jan 15 2018
Repost from @starchefs Waydown @ Ace Hotel Chicago’s wintery Negroni riff, Illegal Smile: _________ Fords Gin Campari Alessio Torino Vermouth Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao __________ @kitchenbyalexa Cocktail: Caitlin Laman
Jan 12 2018
The botanical mix in a gin will come to life when stirred over ice, chilled and slightly diluted. Fords has an exceptionally high botanical oil content, which makes for a great martini. In the Fords Gin botanical mix, juniper pairs well with lemon, orange and olive, while Angelica works well with...
Jan 11 2018
Fords was created to be a jack-of-all trades gin that worked exceptionally well in cocktails. The botanicals were chosen with care, and the recipe was not finalized until it was tried in classic gin cocktails. : @countrywineandspirits _________ #fordsgin #londondrygin #thecocktailgin #...
Jan 10 2018
Check out this awesome Fords cocktail from @theothersidekw in Key West! _________ Fords Gin St Germain Blueberry Black Tea Syrup Fresh Lemon Fever Tree Tonic