Spirit & Spice
Juniper from ItalyCorriander Seed from Romania
Joseph Flach & Son

Our botanicals are sourced from Joseph Flach & Sons who have been importing medicinal and culinary herbs and spices to London for over 125 years.

"Fords is a juniper-forward gin but with a good amount of citrus, sweet spices and florals to take the bite off of the juniper, but still add complexities and allow the juniper to be the star. It's also a gin that works well with both lemon and lime citrus cocktails and has a really nice oil content for martini's"

– Simon Ford, The 86 Co.

Lemon Peel from SpainBitter Orange from Haiti/Morocco
Jasmine from ChinaAngelica from Poland
The base spirit for Fords Gin
is a continuously distilled
neutral grain spirit
from English Wheat.
Botanicals from Everywhere
Grapefruit Peel from Turkey
Orris Powder from Italy/MoroccoCassia from Indonesia