Making Fords Gin
London Thames Distillery
The Stills

Nine botanicals are steeped in the stills for 15 hours to soften them and bring out more flavour before distillation. The cooking/distillation time for Fords Gin is 5 hours.

John Dory, the legendary still making company built two stills for the Thames Distilling Company. These stills, appropriately named Tom Thumb and Thumberlina, are used to distil Fords Gin. They are 500 litres in size and each produces a 200 litre batch.

The water used to cut Fords Gin comes from a well in Mendocino County, California, where we do our bottling. We ship the Gin in bulk from the UK; this reduces our carbon footprint.

The Stills

Made in 500litre stills
The Stills

Charles Maxwell is the Master Distiller at Thames Distillers. He is an 8th generation distiller whose family started making gin in London in the 17th Century.

"We call Charles Maxwell the master of no nonsense. We had some crazy ideas and ambitions about ingredients and distillation and he usually put us straight. Sometimes he indulged our ambitions but he never said 'I told you so' which was very nice of him."

– Simon Ford, The 86 Co.

Master Distiller

The Stills

Master Distiller Charles Maxwell
Charles Maxwell

Fords Gin is a collaboration between 8th generation Master Distiller, Charles Maxwell, and Simon Ford of The 86 Co.

Simon Ford has been working in the world of gin for over 10 years.

He has helped in the development of gin recipes and has taught the history and production of gin all over the world.

He worked with Charles on the formula and taste profile of Fords Gin with the input of many bartender friends.

Like with all the 86 spirits, Fords Gin was tested in all our favourite gin cocktails during development.

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